Comfort Chinese Food at Chew, Connaught Place

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We were hungry- couple of my friends and I while heading back from the Wills Fashion Show. So the obvious happened, we stopped at Connaught Place (and this restaurant) as it was the nearest.

First of the interiors, brilliant. Really vibrant and interesting. There are people who would hate the swinging chair idea, but personally I liked it. Were comfortable too, when I took a swing on them. The idea of an open kitchen, isn’t new along with the endless display of spices in mason jars- but it went well with the overall theme.

For drinks, we had the Red Sangria Pitcher. They have other varieties too- white and rose, but this one particularly is made a night before, letting fruits soak the red beauty. It was very good. The fruits were crisp and soaked with flavour while the wine was subtle-tarty. To go with the chatter and wine, we got the Sushi Platter, Grilled Prawns and the Chicken Dumplings. As soon as these were served, we were brought a plate full of sauces- a soy chilly one, a garlic-y one, black bean, parsley and coriander. Such a good alternative to the regular soya, vinegar and chilly sauce we usually get. In fact I ask for soy and chilly (light soy with fresh red chillis in it) at every Chinese food point I go to. Was so relieved l from the hassle of explaining it a waiter. My personal picks were the soy-chilly, garlic and bean one- just because they were rightly salted and equally spicy making you salivate for more.
The prawns were super tasty, so were the dumplings. The sushi..umm..not the best but considering the price it was okay. The raw sashimi and salmon tasted fresh.

For the mains, we ordered the Chicken and Water chestnut, Chilli garlic noodles and Khow Suey. The noodles are a must-try here. Not overly oily, which you get at most of the places. Right amount of chilli and garlic which went so well with the chicken gravy. The water-chestnut dish was amazing. The chicken soft, the gravy thick flavoured with those asian, earthy spices and crunchy sweet water chestnut made the dish taste delicious, to say the least. The Khow Suey was a stunner. The coconut-y gravy, the lemongrass flavor and the the khaffir lime aroma went so well the the silky noodles and meat- would recommend this dish.

I was a little apprehensive trying the desserts, because they did seem a bit dry. Would have loved if they had more asian-type desserts- something the management should take a look into.

I am still going with 5 stars because of the lovely service, food and ambience. Went nearly at 10:30 and were greeted, served and treated so well. The food was fresh, the taste bang-on and the quantity was sufficient to fill 4 hungry monkeys.

Definitely recommending this place.

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