Chinese and Chopsticks at Crystal Jade Gurgaon

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If there’s one cuisine I can never get sick of eating, ever, is Chinese. Having to try so many places, here and in abroad, there are times when you really, really want to devour in something ‘authentic’. And by that I mean less of spice, still bang on flavor.

Enters Crystal Jade. Having neighbors like Berco’s and Mainland China, this restaurant comes with a menu that I have never tried before. That’s what I really appreciate about this restaurant. They are different, but with hints of familiarity.

We started with Xiao Long Bao which needed a bit of explanation from our very sweet waiters. They are basically steamed buns with a meaty stuffing and a tiny bit of soupy gravy, packed tightly in colorful wraps. These were served on a soup spoon, which took me by surprise. But a pleasant one. The pork, mutton, chicken, lamb all were really delicious. Imagine a soft, tasty dumpling getting soupy. Nothing awkward in terms of flavor and texture, just that it might get a bit messy (for clumsy first-timers like myself). Highly recommend this one.


Next we got a Chinese Omlette. I have never heard or seen an omlette served Chinese style and that’s why we got it. The idea is super. On a hot plate, you get a soft, fluffy omlette with the stuffing (we got the shrimp) which is then followed by adding an egg yolk. The yolk is for added creaminess we were told by the waiter who did this mini live show for us. The omlette was really, really good. I love eggs, and this was something unique yet delicious.


For mains, we ordered for the Steamed Cut Fish with Chili and Crispy Noodles with Home-made Chicken. The fish comes in a pot over a tea light, immersed in a salty soy broth and tons of fresh red chili. On it is own the fish was pretty bland. But together, it was very good. The fish was soft and cooked well. However, the soy chilli is more like a dip and not thick, saucy gravy.


The noodles gave us a mini live show again. Our server poured the chicken gravy onto the crisp noodle bed and started to mix with light, gentle hands. On plate, the noodles were softer and had absorbed all that meaty gravy. Nothing like nibbling a stick, this one was tasty.


We ended our meal with a pot of Chinese Tea (which is chargeable) and was alright. We decided to skip the desserts because everything on the menu was literally “chinese” to us.


The interiors are crisp and classy. The waiters are informed. They were willing to give us a portion of normal Chinese style noodles when we couldn’t decide on what noodle to get (La Mian or Crispy).

The prices are high. Even after getting a discount from Zomato, we paid around 1700 for all this. The portions are huge, but. We were three and were really full.

Overall, Crystal Jade Gurgaon is a must-try for folks who are into exploring their palate. Its Pan-Asian with a twist. I would say chuck the regulars and go for something that’s different because that’s where this restaurant really stands out.

Address: G 01, Ground Floor, Central Plaza Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Contact: 011 33105213
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