10 reasons why you should’ve been at the Dessert Bazaar 2015

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Who says you can’t have a day only to desserts?

Little Black Book Delhi Dessert Bazaar was when 19 superb bakers/patisseries came under one roof. It was definitely where one could experience, enjoy and savor dreamy, sweet, and delish offerings. IMG_9678 Anyway on with the reasons:
1) The variety: From breads to cakes; from mini cupcakes to rich puddings; from chocolates to macaroons, the place had everything that could satisfy a sweet-tooth. You can pick this or that, depending on your taste, and believe me there was something that did hit the spot.FotorCreated2) DIY Kitchen Aid Counter: was really fun. There were ready-made whoopies and pavlovas that you can dress with variety of ingredients of your choice. And it was free of cost.IMG_97073) Baker chat: the best platform a foodie can get. Word of advice: don’t be shy. Get out of your zone and have a chat with them- ask them things you always wanted to know.IMG_96454) The drinks: Skipped alcohol and went for the good stuff- iced tea and sparkling juice.IMG_9695IMG_9657 5) The frozen goodness: Lollies, ice-creams and interesting gelato flavors made the insides cool and refreshed.IMG_96416) The cost: Not pocket-pinching. I think the most expensive thing I had was for around 150 bucks.FotorCreated017) The outlook makeover: I skipped the usuals. And looked at everything with a fresh eye. That way I tasted something ‘new and different’. Like the cherries soaked in Grant’s Whiskey coated with chocolate. And the cola macaroon. Both, by the way, were stellar.IMG_96508) Perfect bound-time: was definitely a day to catch-up with family and friends over everything sweet. I shared some, tried some and bought some <or maybe a lot>.IMG_9688 9) The unlimited, free Ravalgaon candy at LBB’s #throwbackthursday table.
10) The awesome time at Monkey Bar: The staff was sweet. The place, despite the crowd, was clean. The managers were chatty and helpful. In fact I ordered for something off the menu and the service was quick.

I say come to this place next time its in town. It is really worth the struggle, crowd-push and time.

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