The Japanese Experience at En-Fine

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Who doesn’t love a good meal? Especially when it is served posh-style. En-Fine defines posh- breath-taking ambiance, stunning location and fantastic interiors. Located at the lush Mehrauli Road, this restaurant looks like a villa. Situated right above the Manish Malhotra store, the siting area is divided into sections. There is a private two-seater room (where Mr. B and I sat), a four-seater room, regular diner seating and finally outdoor seating (which would be lovely in winters).

Honestly, we were skeptical heading here. Reasons being: authentic Japanese food, the price and the portion. Having been to many unlimited Sushi buffets, I have never been satisfied. Full but not satisfied- that kinda feeling. The only resolution we had was to order wisely and try as much as we can. Also we had a coupon from Zomato-one of the strongest reason for me to visit En-Fine.

Deciding what to try and possibly discuss that with our server, we drove into the place and entered En-Fine without reservation. We were immediately floored by the warm greets, the smiles of the servers wearing Japanese Kimonos, the furniture and the cutlery. Oh and the ever-so-tall-and-beautiful Qutab Minar.

The menu on Zomato isn’t revised, yet. There are some newer additions, both in set meals and a-la-carte. The meals are differently priced depending upon the meat and the quantity. Since I was vegetarian for the day we skipped the idea of a meal and started with the Qutab Roll.

This apparently is a fast seller. Ravi, our server for the evening said this the restaurant’s way of saluting the monument. And I feel it does do justice. When the plate was bought to us it looked beyond stunning. An edible Qutab made of 8 neatly rolled sushi topped on one another are stuffed with deep fried vegetables. Lying on a crisp white plate, there was also pickled ginger on the side and sweet potato crisps on the top, along with wasabi and teriyaki sauce drizzled neatly. The chef definitely is an artist here.

The sushi was amazing. So light, yet so flavorful. The vegetables even fried had no oily residue. They were crisp, crunchy and really yummy. The flavor was bang-on. The wasabi was ultimate- that strong hit in the throat that gets your nostrils to blaze- yup that what it did. The crisps, ginger, the roll dipped in Japanese soy (saltier than the Chinese counterpart) tasted heavenly. And that’s because of the texture which played a major role here. We also sprinkled some Shichimi powder (a blend of seven spices) on the top- making it even better.

Next, we got the Yaki Udon Noodles with Mushroom Saute and Vegetable made teppanyaki style. The Udon is a thicker, wheat variety of Chinese Hakka. It was very, very delicious. The vegetables it came with were really fresh. You could taste every ingredient in that dish easily. All because of the simplicity in their cook. The mushroom dish was top-notch. Massively sized, three types of mushrooms- Shiitake, Button and Oyster (I am guessing) with other green veggies dipped in perfectly spiced sauce, this dish was super yum. Never had mushrooms like these elsewhere in Delhi. Really mild, mushroom-y flavor with tones of savory, earthy, sticky sauce was perfect with the chunky noodle.

That’s all I had and was surprisingly full. Three dishes and all were very good. Price-wise I do say it is expensive. I wouldn’t indulgence here every now and then. But whenever I do I am sure I will not go home disappointed. Would definitely recommend this to people going on dates, client meetings or maybe you can drop here all by yourself.

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