Tuscany, Cantonese and Indian hues at the K3, JW Marriott, Aerocity

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Tuscan, Indian and Cantonese are three kitchens at the JW Marriott, hence the name K3. One may think three kitchens, how much variety can you get, to them I would like to say..tons. This place has shed lots of dishes, something impossible to cover in one visit.
We entered late into the K3 boulevard, but despite that the staff was incredibly sweet and extended the buffet (the dessert bit for half an hour). As you make your way further into K3, you shall be welcomed by many al fresco and grill stations.
While the Canton Kitchen housed Pekin duck and pork chops on hooks; the Tuscany is about herbs, cheese, fresh meat cuts, breads and a wood-fired oven and the Indian comes with a tandoor, cauldrons of aromatic rice, dal and sabzi. The interiors are splendid- a classy take on Victorian times. And there is a huge wine cellar too.

Like always, my game plan is to start small, pick my favorites and then go back to them. And somehow my plan this time worked.

Things I would suggest:
From the Cantonese Kitchen: Prawn dumplings and the Char Sui pork. Both, were made, fresh for us. And they were amazing. The vegetable grill was nice too. Their chilly xoxo sauce made us head back to this station, quite often. The chilly garlic noodles were ultimate. It is shame I couldn’t try the duck but I guess it will happen soon.

From the Tuscany Kitchen: The pizzas, Arancini balls with their home-made, italian tomato sauce and the pasta. Super delicious. Both the pizza, veg and the pepperoni, had a light, crispy base topped with fresh ingredients. The pepperoni oozed out its oil into the base, obviously when cooked, making the whole deal heavenly. The pasta too, al-dante. The grill was delicious as well. However the salad bar, especially the blue cheese and pear was disappointing.

From the Indian Kitchen: South Indian fish grill and the mutton seekh are a must-try. The meats were delicately handled, flavored with aromatic spices and grilled to perfection The biryani, dal and keema were nice too. The paranthas were soft, flaky and buttery. And do try the garlic chutney here.

And now the best kitchen, the Desserts: Salted Caramel Ice cream- super delicious. Highly recommend it. The sweetness of caramel with that gentle kick of salt tingles your taste buds in such a way that only another bite of it can justify. The brownie as well- velvety, warm and oozy. Oh and the Nutella banana- oh my lovely lord, you ought to try it as no words can describe it well. The strawberry gelato were my friends favorite. The tiramisu, creme brulee, caramel custard and apple crumble were decent. What I noticed was the sponge of cakes, or the cream, or the fruit syrup didn’t taste stale. They weren’t dry- so even if you don’t like something it has to do with palate choice but not with the cook.

K3 is definitely on my list for future buffet visits. I am kind of excited to try their Sunday breakfast meals now. The spread is huge (can be spotted elsewhere too) but the deal that makes them stand is their cook, the food was nice and warm and the best part is most of the dishes are prepared for you and not just kept in cauldrons. Head out here, soon.


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