Palate Mini Festival 2015, Nehru Park

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It was a rainy Sunday when I went to the Palate Mini Fest.

It was an event of fun, frolic and food.

It was just the way I had imagined. Maybe even better.

With tons of food and desserts stalls, ice cream parlours, gourmet vendor stands, this 3-day festival is a perfect ‘break’ to step out into the lush greens and enjoy with friends and family. Live music is an added bonus.


Despite the fact that it was pouring that day, the plethora of umbrellas, the glistening greens, the chaos to ‘not’ get wet made me smile.


And somewhere because of the rain, believe it or not, the food tasted better.


We started with a plan, going around the whole lot of food stalls and scanning their menus. It wasn’t easy- there was so much to EAT. We zeroed on some Pork Ribs from Zu Tisch. Oh my, they were delicious. Fatty, chunky, boned porky ribs with a sweet, tangy sauce were worth Rs. 400. They were extremely filling. To dunk them down, we tried the Mojito from Honest Drinks (somehow the branding reminds me of Innocent Drinks). The ‘juice’ was said to be without preservatives. It tasted good and hopefully did well to my system.


Anyhoo, the whole park was so beautifully done up- canopies, flowers, carts filled up the whole space.



Every restaurant had a particular theme- Elma had cute lamps, Punjabi Grill had waitresses dressed in ‘saris’, Fat Lulu’s had wall hangings.


Speaking of which, we got a Peri Peri Pizza and a Basil Tomato Pasta from there. Both were so good. The pizza was grilled to perfection, and the pasta was saucy-good. After which we picked up some <A LOT of> beers and went nearer to the live music stage, and had a good time listening to Antariksh.


For dinner, we went to Zambar. The food here was spectacular. The service was a bit lost. But the food was spot-on. We got the Butter Garlic Prawns, Chicken 65 wings and Kori Kura Chicken. The prawns came in a chunky gravy and was a bit spicy. The chicken was extremely soft and melted in the mouth. The wings were crunchy and fresh. I couldn’t get enough of the food and felt a pang on finishing everything. Despite having no space in our tummies, I was lusting for more.

Before we left, we went to Elma’s and got a slice of Victoria’s Sponge Cake, the Lavender and the Salted Caramel. The Lavender was too floral, making the icing slightly bitter. The caramel was the best. The sponge did us good.


All in all, the whole idea of getting delicious food in the open, overlooking the gorgeousness was an experience in itself. You joyously look (at least me) how people connect and bond via food. Good food.

The seating is sparse and the waiting can be long- do remember to carry mats next time you here <mental note to-self>. This place is crowded <well it is meant to be like that> and not that expensive <we paid around 2k per person>. The entry is free of cost, did I mention that?

My friends and I had a splendid time here. This festival is a must-visit for all foodies <or not> in Delhi. I can’t wait for another one of these. 🙂

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